A Tribute to Antonin Scalia

Tribute — Volume 102, Issue 2

102 Va. L. Rev. 285
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As this issue of the Virginia Law Review went to press, we received the sad news of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death. The Supreme Court has lost perhaps its most influential member; the University of Virginia has lost a former faculty member and good friend. I write today to celebrate his long and mutually affectionate association with the Law School. 

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  Volume 102 / Issue 2  

A Tribute to Antonin Scalia

By Paul G. Mahoney
102 Va. L. Rev. 285

Foreign Sovereigns as Friends of the Court

By Kristen E. Eichensehr
102 Va. L. Rev. 289

Constitutional Commitment to International Law Compliance?

By David H. Moore
102 Va. L. Rev. 367

Insider Trading in Commodities Markets

By Andrew Verstein
102 Va. L. Rev. 447