Policing Procedure Before Substance: Reforming Judicial Review of the Factual Predicates to Legislation

Note — Volume 99, Issue 6

99 Va. L. Rev. 1327
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  Volume 99 / Issue 6  

On Derivatives Markets and Social Welfare: A Theory of Empty Voting and Hidden Ownership

By Jordan M. Barry, John William Hatfield, and Scott Duke Kominers
99 Va. L. Rev. 1103

Tax in the Cathedral: Property Rules, Liability Rules, and Tax

By Andrew Blair-Stanek
99 Va. L. Rev. 1169

Breaking Bankruptcy Priority: How Rent-Seeking Upends the Creditors’ Bargain

By Mark J. Roe and Frederick Tung
99 Va. L. Rev. 1235

Forgotten But Not Lost: The Original Public Meaning of Section 4 of the Fourteenth Amendment

By Stuart McCommas
99 Va. L. Rev. 1291