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Plenary Power Preemption

By Kerry Abrams
99 Va. L. Rev. 601

Originalism and the Other Desegregation Decision

By Ryan C. Williams
99 Va. L. Rev. 493

The New Education Malpractice Litigation

By Ethan Hutt & Aaron Tang
99 Va. L. Rev. 419

Chevron and Constitutional Doubt

By Jonathan D. Urick
99 Va. L. Rev. 375

Why the Religious Freedom Restoration Act Provides a Defense in Suits by Private Plaintiffs

By Shruti Chaganti
99 Va. L. Rev. 343

Prosecutorial Administration: Prosecutor Bias and the Department of Justice

By Rachel E. Barkow
99 Va. L. Rev. 271

The Liability Rule for Constitutional Torts

By John C. Jeffries, Jr.
99 Va. L. Rev. 207

Through the Antitrust Looking Glass: A New Vision of Delaware’s Takeover Defense Jurisprudence

By R. Wai Wong
99 Va. L. Rev. 169

Clean Air Act Preemption of State Common Law: Greenhouse Gas Nuisance Claims After AEP v. Connecticut

By Scott Gallisdorfer
99 Va. L. Rev. 131

Persuasion Treaties

By Melissa J. Durkee
99 Va. L. Rev. 63

The Hurricane Katrina Insurance Claims

By Kenneth S. Abraham
93 Va. L. Rev. Online 173

The Forgotten Foundations of Hart and Sacks

By Charles Barzun
99 Va. L. Rev. 1

Constitutional Decision Rules

By Mitchell N. Berman
90 Va. L. Rev. 1

Unequal Treatment of Religious Exercises Under RFRA: Explaining the Outliers in the HHS Mandate Cases

By Mark Rienzi
99 Va. L. Rev. Online 10

Good Intentions Matter

By Katharine T. Bartlett
96 Va. L. Rev. Online 35