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The Virginia Law Review consists of approximately ninety second- and third-year law students of the University of Virginia. The general membership is called the Editorial Board, and the leadership is called the Managing Board.

There are four ways to become a member of the Editorial Board:

1. Grade on. The twenty-five highest-ranking members of the second-year class are invited to join the Virginia Law Review based on grades from their first two semesters. Up to five members of the third-year class will be invited to join if, after four semesters, they have achieved the minimum grade-point-average qualifications from the previous year.

2. Write on. Each spring, the Law Review conducts a writing competition for first-year students in conjunction with other academic journals at the Law School (the "Unified Journal Tryout"). The top fifteen performers in this tryout process are invited to join the Law Review. In the fall, the Law Review conducts a writing competition for second-year transfer students and may take up to two members based on that competition.

3. Combination. The Law Review may invite up to five second-year students to join based on a combination of three factors: (1) first-year grades, (2) performance in the Unified Journal Tryout, and (3) a personal statement. To be considered for membership on this basis, a student must rank in the top third of the first-year class, score among the top third of journal tryouts, and submit a personal statement that should address how the applicant's attributes and experiences would benefit the Law Review or otherwise contribute to the diversity of the Editorial Board. Aspects of diversity are not limited to racial, ethnic, or religious background; gender; sexual orientation; disability; or other physical characteristics, though these traits may be addressed in the personal statement.

4. "Note" on. Any student whose Note is selected to be published is invited to become a member. The Note must be accepted for publication by March 1 of the student's final year of law school. Information about Notes submission available here.

Membership Responsibilities. Members of the Editorial Board have numerous responsibilities, including source-gathering and editing articles, office duty, writing a publishable Note, and participating in full meetings of the Virginia Law Review Association. Prospective members should be aware that new Editorial Board members are required to return to school a week before school starts (August Week) and to stay a week after school ends in May (May Week). Members of the Managing Board must also stay in Charlottesville over the Spring Break of the second year (March Week).

Important Dates:

  • Late February – Early March: The Unified Journal Tryout traditionally is held over two or three consecutive weekends.
  • July: The new Editorial Board is announced after grades are tabulated and the evaluation of journal tryouts is completed.